Support Systems

Providing additional support can extend the life of a compromised tree. We are trained to identify when a tree would benefit from additional support.

Situations That May Require Additional Support
  • Trees where risk may be mitigated
  • A potentially weak point in a tree’s structure
  • Partial failure in trunk or branch
  • Leaning tree with instability at the root flare
  • Wobbling tree

What to expect

Our team will generally recommend pruning in addition to installing a support system in order to alleviate weight and leverage on a compromised tree.


Our cabling equipment includes both static and dynamic cable types, and our experts determine the best fit for your tree’s needs. The materials we use are professional grade and specifically made for arboricultural applications.


Our bracing materials are stainless steel and will become encapsulated by the tree as it grows over time. 


Our props consist of a rot-resistant pressure treated 4×4 placed in concrete, with stainless hardware. The props we place are intended to remain in place for the life of the tree.

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