Our Story

Ooh La La Arboriculture was born from an idea to create solutions for plants and people to coexist in a happy and healthy way. Our training and experience with trees and other plants opened our eyes to the “senseless mutilation and torture of helpless trees and shrubs” as Cass Turnbull, founder of Plant Amnesty, put it. Observing the neglect and mal-pruning we saw occurring all around us, we set out to inform property owners about the science, anatomy, and benefits of their trees and plants, and to help them to care for these living assets.

A healthy urban forest has measurable benefits to the community, so we made it our goal to help other people to enjoy plants and trees. We decided to offer a science-based approach: a thing that can be surprisingly rare in the tree care industry. This means that we perform work that we believe is necessary for the continued health of the tree and for the safety of the people and property around it. It also means that we are able to thoroughly explain the reason behind each decision or cut we make. In addition to being science-based, our methods are also holistic: a guiding principle for us is that each tree is an individual in its own setting. The needs of each tree are unique. Our assessment of a tree begins in the ground and covers the whole tree and its surroundings. This holistic approach acknowledges the soil as the foundation -both literally and figuratively- of the tree’s health. Healthy trees don’t exist without healthy soils. Similarly, we believe healthy communities can’t exist without healthy trees. 

With these goals and methods in mind, we channeled our knowledge and experience into our own business. Founded in 2020, our company is small and family owned -and we intend to keep it that way. The personal connection we develop with our clients and their plants is important to us and the way we conduct our business. We enjoy getting our hands dirty while we tend to the needs of the plants. Working with trees is satisfying and rewarding for our family. We are grateful to work at something we love every day in a community that is dear to us.

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