Certifications, Degrees, and Internships
  • Paige: ISA Certified Arborist PN-9099A
  • Paige: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Washington State University
  • Paige: Internship at Rhododendron Species Botanic Garden (3 years)
  • Nick: Bachelor of Science in Zoology, Oregon State University
  • Nick: Soil Science (8 Graduate Credit Hours), Oregon State University
Continuing Education
  • Urban Forestry Today: Arboreta and Urban Forestry 2/21
  • University of Idaho & Washington State University: Apple Identification w/DNA 1/21
  • International Society of Arboriculture: Idaho Arborist Workshop 10/20
  • PNW ISA: Veteran Tree Preservation in the Urban Forest 10/20
  • PNW ISA: PNW Insect Management 4/20
  • North American Training Solutions: Electrical Hazard and Awareness 12/19
  • PNW ISA Conference 2019 Eugene OR 10/19
  • WesSpur: Aerial Rescue Challenge Competition 9/19
  • PNW ISA: Cabling, Bracing and Propping 8/19
  • Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop 6/19
  • PNW ISA: Heritage Trees 4/19
  • Arboriculture Canada: Production Tree Removal and Rigging 11/18
  • PNW ISA: Common Fungi Affecting PNW Trees 10/18
  • Arboriculture Canada: Modern Tree Climbing Systems 10/18
  • Olympic Orchard Society: Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop 3/18
  • Raintree Nursery: Fruit Tree Grafting, Pruning, and Pest Management 3/18
Why Hire an ISA Certified Arborist? The Certified Arborist:
  • Demonstrates ethics and integrity
  • Is required to continue their education, and will be up to date on industry techniques
  • Demonstrates knowledge and advanced training
  • Indicates a high level of dedication to the profession and the community
  • Understands that there is a significant amount of knowledge required to provide the highest level of tree care
  • Is committed to properly caring for your trees

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